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  • Unit Price: $799.95
  • UM : EA
  • Estimated Weight: 39.00

The Furman F1000-UPS: battery backup is designed exclusively for audio/video professionals and home theater aficionados. For decades, traditional audio/video components were simple analog devices designed to easily weather power outages of well over two seconds. Later, as computer and microprocessor based components gained in popularity, their extraordinary sensitivity to even a fraction of a second’s power loss was managed with traditional UPS (uninterruptible power supply) technology.


  • - Furman’s exclusive SMP technology provides the highest level of surge & spike protection available.
  • - LiFT offers AC power filtering to ensure clean power for unequaled audio & video clarity.
  • - Advanced EVS circuitry detects dangerous voltage irregularities and safely powers down itself and connected equipment in unsafe conditions.
  • - LED status indicators warn you when voltage is outside of nominal range or when protection has been compromised.
  • - Standard Voltage Regulation delivers a stable 120 volts of AC power to protect equipment from problems caused by AC line voltage irregularities.
  • - 1000VA Simulated Sine Wave battery backup protects your data in a power failure allowing the opportunity to save your applications, programs, and shut-down the system gracefully.
  • - Learning IR control allows you to program connected equipment for shut-down sequencing.
  • - RS-232 Open Source Code Protocol provides custom programming for connected equipment.
  • - 12 Amp rating featuring a circuit breaker for added protection.
  • - 8 rear panel outlets.
  • - Critical Load Management prioritizes the allocation of temporary power to connected equipment.
  • - Easy to use power control software assists you in maximizing the performance of your UPS


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